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Data Protection

AnyStor Enterprise is designed to provide resilient and seamless storage services. Erasure coding is utilized to the fullest extent to ensure service continuity through parity redundancy across the cluster. It is perfect for long-term data retention since it requires less storage space compared to replication.

Automatic Load Balancing

AnyStor Enterprise simplifies complex cluster management as it scales out. Data stored across the cluster are automatically relocated after expanding or configuring storage volumes and nodes without any other configuration. If one of the node fails, its data and functionality will be distributed to other nodes to prevent data loss and service downtime.

Thin Provisioning

AnyStor Enterprise helps organizations to optimize their under-utilized storage capacity through thin provisioning. Thin provisioning maximizes storage utility leaving no space wasted. When distributing storage resources, logical space is provisioned more than the available physical space based on its capacity trend.


AnyStor Enterprise maintains system integrity by creating and recovering a snapshot of the file system. Snapshot of a volume can be created without the downtime and prevents clash with file operations via a snapshot barrier option. Snapshots can be created based on the time it is taken without clashing with the existing snapshot.

NAS Gateway

AnyStor Enterprise NAS Gateway provides file sharing to block and object storage. It delivers NFS, SMB/CIFS, Active Directory, and Open Directory capabilities to SAN and Ceph environments, which can save license costs from using expensive file systems such as Xsan, SNFS, and GPFS.

Compression and Deduplication

AnyStor Enterprise includes inline deduplication and compression. Supports 4KB fixed-block deduplication with LZ4, LZJB, GZIP, and ZLE compression algorithms to enhance storage space efficiency. Deduplication can be used along with real-time compression, without performance loss.

SSD Caching

Flash memory drives such as NAND and NVMe SSDs can be used as cache to enhance storage performance. AnyStor Enterprise supports write-through and write-back caching and can perfectly optimize the workload when used with erasure-coded volumes.

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