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Case Studies

Media and Entertainment

Creating 4K uncompressed media contents requires a lot more network traffic and capacity due to higher resolution and frame rate. To streamline these massive media workloads from your NLE and render farm, you need a modern storage system to keep pace with your workflow.
AnyStor Enterprise scale-out storage is ideal for next-generation media production workflows and archiving. Build petabyte-level storage with infinite scalability that is optimized for random media workloads generated from heterogeneous workstations.

Korea TV

Korea TV (KTV) is a subsidiary broadcasting company of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) of South Korea. KTV delivers government policies and public information since 1995. KTV had been using a SAN environment with a SAN appliance from company A. However, it was difficult to access the primary storage from macOS workstations since it does not support Open Directory. Besides, the SNFS license cost was exceeding their intended budget, which led them to look for a new solution.

  • Deployment date : November 2018


AnyStor Enterprise NAS gateway supports both SNFS and Open Directory, which are natively embedded, and provides rapid and reliable file service interoperable with the SAN environment.
Gluesys deployed two AnyStor Enterprise gateways as HA clusters on top of the company A’s appliance.


  • Substantial license cost savings through native SNFS support
  • High-performance file service through SMB3 and provide accessibility to macOS users via Open Directory
  • Simplified access control on ingest servers and NLE servers without any conflict with the existing SAN file system policies

W2 Studios

W2 Studios is an animation and VFX studio that has been involved in over 80 projects of Hollywood movie visual effects and game cinematics. W2 Studios used to deploy old NAS to handle 3D rendering tasks, which was obsolete and had an unstable network connection. The storage performance and capacities were also at its limits due to business growth.

  • Deployment date : February 2017


AnyStor Enterprise can scale without service interruption and can scale up to 19.2 PB in a single node. Gluesys replaced four obsolete NAS with AnyStor Enterprise and formed a cluster, which held 96 TB of available capacity in total.


  • Secured service continuity through seamless file service across heterogeneous workstations and render farm
  • Higher data protection level due to real-time failover
  • Lower latency due to network bandwidth upgrade


CentralNet is a broadcasting agency of South Korea. CentralNet used to deploy SAN storages as well as broadcasting equipment. However, as the business grows, CentralNet decided to look for a storage solution that provides substantial performance and seamless scalability considering future storage growth. The company also wanted to reuse the existing storage and embed its broadcasting applications to save the budget.

  • Deployment date : September 2018


AnyStor Enterprise scale-out storage supports multi-protocol access through accelerated parallel processing. Gluesys deployed two AnyStor Enterprise gateways into failover clusters and connected the existing SAN with fibre channel to create centralized storage for broadcasting.


  • Reduced TCO due to file protocol support of the NAS gateway and no need of deploying extra file storage
  • Assured service continuity via failover clustering and non-disruptive scaling capability
  • Interoperable with transfer management service and ingest service

Virtual Storage Environment

Organizations that run mission-critical application services in a virtualized environment wants to secure accessibility and availability of VM images to pull out the best performance and agility from their application.
AnyStor Enterprise All-Flash storage accelerates your virtualized environment under massive random workloads while attaining high IO performance and system availability.

Korea Environment Corporation

Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) is a government agency under the Ministry of Environment of South Korea. KECO is involved in eco-related business areas including environmental pollution, resource circulation, and climate changes. KECO demanded scale-out storage that can easily scale as the VM image and backup data grows and consolidate business assets that are scattered across the department. The agency also wanted to upgrade its 1G network to improve network latency.

  • Deployment date : September 2017


Gluesys deployed three 24 bay AnyStor Enterprise scale-out storage in replication groups. All data are migrated and centralized to the main storage and upgraded the network environment to a 10GbE connection.


  • Added flexibility to scale storage capacity and performance on demand
  • Established low-latency storage service via improvement on network bandwidth
  • Secured service integrity through replication and failover without downtime

Korea District Heating Corporation

Korea District Heating Corporation (KDHC) is a public enterprise of South Korea engaged in district heating and power generation services. KDHC had been using 6~8 virtual servers for VDI services without centralized storage. The company faced limitations on data management and performance as the infrastructure expanded up to 2,500 users along with the size of the VM images.

  • Deployment date : August 2019


Gluesys presented a concept consisting of a centralized HA storage with NFS (for VDI) and SMB/CIFS (for file sharing) support. Gluesys deployed two AnyStor Enterprise All-Flash storage with active-backup failover connected with InfiniBand.


  • Easily handle over 1,000 VM workload due to boosted storage performance by harnessing the power of SSDs
  • Centralized data from all users across 19 branches via Active Directory
  • Improved resiliency through real-time synchronization between controllers connected with InfiniBand

Enterprise IT Services

Today, enterprise storage encounters more diversified and complex workloads from heterogeneous devices than ever before. They now require to be well prepared for heavy network traffics, simultaneous workloads, and system failures to focus on business innovation.
AnyStor Enterprise gives you the optimized solution to achieve the best performance and stability from a heterogeneous IT environment. AnyStor Enterprise delivers infinite scalability as well as the full availability of your business, regardless of your storage environment.

Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS)

KERIS is a South Korean governmental organization subsidiary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. One of its main activities is to provide academic web services such as online learning, academic research sharing, and education information system. The organization used to have shared storage for WAS, which was outdated and experienced performance drop and maintenance issues.

  • Deployment date : November 2018


Gluesys deployed and connected two AnyStor Enterprise NAS gateways with the existing SAN arrays as HA cluster. If the active node fails, the backup node will take over the service without downtime. Finally, the storage system was integrated into the organization’s enterprise management system for consolidated management.


  • Higher file sharing performance for the Linux-based web application service
  • Uninterrupted web service due to instant failover protection
  • Sophisticated monitoring on system resources including CPU, memory, volume, hardware status, and other resource usages
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