• AnyStor 5
    AnyStor 5 is network-attached storage
    with exceptional performance and stability.


Seamless File Access

AnyStor supports high availability (HA) clustering to provide service continuity with redundant access to storage. When a system component fails in the HA cluster, it automatically transfers the on-going service to another node. You can also add or replace capacity without downtime.

Link Aggregation Support

AnyStor boosts network performance and availability by combining multiple ethernet connections. The aggregated physical links increase bandwidth and resilience, as well as load balancing capability. When a single network switch fails, it will dynamically reassign to another switch to prevent disconnection.

Flexible Access Control

AnyStor allows you to configure permissions to access specific volumes and folders by allocating storage space to each user and group that access the storage. Supports NIS, PDC, and ADS for access control from multiple OS platforms.

Ensured Data Resilience

AnyReplicator is AnyStor’s disaster recovery solution, which triggers immediate failover from the remote or local backup server when the primary storage experiences a failure. You can schedule an asynchronous replication task and leverage backup servers for read-only services.

Block Storage Connectivity

AnyStor 5 NAS gateway connects block storage with ethernet to provide multi-protocol access. The NAS gateway can connect with SAN arrays to use file protocols such as NFS and SMB/CIFS to minimize network complexity and additional costs.

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