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Case Studies

File Sharing Storage

Organizations are now consolidating business data generated from PCs and departments to a centralized storage system to eliminate storage silos and enhance work efficiency.
AnyStor 5 delivers file storage service to heterogeneous servers and clients with flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially for small and medium enterprises. AnyStor 5 can also be used as a NAS gateway to provide file services in a block storage environment.


Established in 2002, MicroDigital is one of the most promising precision medical equipment manufacturers in South Korea. MicroDigital used to manage CAD drawings and business documents on each employee’s PC until finding the need to bring data protection and work-efficiency to their IT infrastructure.

  • Deployment date : December 2019


Gluesys deployed AnyStor 5 with the cloud file storage solution PlugDISK, to create centralized storage. AnyStor 5 was connected with a DRM solution to encrypt important data assets and consolidate them to the main storage so that PlugDISK can provide secured file services and administration, such as storage provisioning, access control, usage monitoring, and event logging.


  • Deployed a centralized data security system to protect confidential data assets
  • Better work-efficiency by organized data management
  • Enhanced data protection level via access control and data encryption


Telkomsel is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Indonesia with having over 46% of the market share in the wireless network. Telkomsel looked for a backup and recovery system to protect client data and transaction logs from their database.

  • Deployment date : June 2011


Gluesys deployed two AnyStor 5 NAS gateways and attached JBODs to each node to create a total 133TB storage pool. The deployed NAS provides file storage services to 30 Linux servers and installed file/database backup solution to utilize it as a backup master.


  • Secured data integrity through instant failover in case of system failure
  • Flexible backup scheduling options including full backup and incremental backup

Backup and Disaster Recovery

IT infrastructures are constantly exposed to the risk of data loss from unpredictable instances, such as system failure and ransomware, which can cause substantial damage to the organization’s business.
AnyStor 5 expansion model provides maximum availability and stability to your storage infrastructure. AnyStor 5 expansion model delivers massive write speed and tape compatibility, which is perfect for primary backup storage. AnyReplicator is an exclusive disaster recovery solution for AnyStor 5 to deploy remote and local disaster recovery system that can easily recover the entire configuration and data in real-time.

Grand Korea Leisure

Grand Korea Leisure (GKL) is a public company under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in South Korea and owns over 400 IP cameras and 50 NVRs for business surveillance. GKL demanded centralized storage for the seamless playback service as well as a disaster recovery system in case of data loss and system failure.

  • Deployment date : July 2012


Gluesys installed two Anystor NAS gateways with active-backup failover on the existing SAN infrastructure. When the active node fails, the backup node becomes active to continue with the playback service. The video data collected to the active node are mirrored via storage mapping and the out-dated data are sent to the tape library for archiving.


  • Seamless storage service and backups of the video data collected from IP cameras and NVRs
  • Prevented data inconsistency between the source and copy due to instant mirroring
  • Minimized security gap by securing service uptime via high availability clustering

National Information Resources Service

National Information Resources Service is a subsidiary government agency of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety in South Korea, responsible for the administration and maintenance of the IT systems and networks of the government agencies. The agency demanded a reliable backup and disaster recovery storage for their address information system.

  • Deployment date : December 2013


Gluesys added AnyStor NAS gateways to each main data center and backup data center to establish a disaster recovery system. The main data center is installed with two NAS gateways with the HA failover cluster, and one for the backup data center for the remote, real-time replication. If the main server is down, the remote backup server will instantly send the replicated data to minimize service downtime.


  • Minimized data loss and service downtime due to real-time replication
  • High-level of data consistency by the in-house data replication solution
  • Provides HDLM (Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager) for I/O channel failover capabilities in heterogeneous servers
  • Reduced performance interference between workloads by grouping drives, fibre channel ports, and cache

High Availability Services

System failures can cause a huge financial loss, especially for online transaction services and security-sensitive applications that goes on day and night. As a result, organizations implement failover systems to secure service uptime and reduce data loss from a possible threat.
AnyStor 5 NAS gateway allows mission-critical services to be delivered without disruption through failover clustering. If an active node fails, AnyStor instantly activates the backup node to resume the service.

Seoul Metropolitan Government

Seoul Metropolitan Government had a plan to improve the availability of the storage infrastructure in its data center. The city hall used to have a NAS gateway connected to SAN arrays to provide both file and block storage services, but it lacked failover capability in the event the gateway or SAN fails.

  • Deployment date : September 2015


Gluesys deployed AnyStor 5 NAS gateway and created a HA cluster with the existing NAS gateway and added extra SAN switch for redundancy. To secure the network bandwidth speed, NIC teaming was enabled.


  • Minimized chance of service downtime due to failover clustering
  • Improved service quality with a stable network connection and faster network speed
  • Enhanced service experience by seamless online file sharing service

Bandi & Lunis

Bandi & Lunis provides online bookstore service, which was running on a single NAS server to deliver images, web server logs, email attachments, and email metadata. The company was concerned with the system inconsistency and decided to introduce AnyStor 5 for high-availability services.

  • Deployment date : February 2014


AnyStor 7220 has a dual controller system that provides HA redundancy to prevent a single point of failure. Gluesys deployed AnyStor 7220 with a total of 7TB storage pools and relocated the existing NAS as backup storage.


  • Improved overall service quality without downtime
  • Highly scalable that can be expanded up to 192 bays with SAN compatibility
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