• Open-Source Consulting
    We suggest an optimal open-source deployment and utilization strategy
    considering your business environment to build modernized
    and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

Gluesys Open-Source Consulting offers you the ideal solution that fits the characteristic of your IT infrastructure.

Cost-effectiveness is not the only reason why many global organizations and tech experts choose open-source software. The quality, compatibility, and its customizable nature is what makes it unique from other propriety software. Nevertheless, it might be challenging to implement and manage when there is no understanding of its technology and infrastructure.
Gluesys was involved in multiple open-source projects, including Gluster, Red Hat, and Ceph as a contributor in the past years, as well as its commercialization experience in a wide variety of industries. Our expertise and experience can help you build your modernized storage infrastructure that fits your needs.

Our Services

  • Plan for PoC
    Evaluate your business goals and seek the best implementation and application
  • Tune up the system
    System optimization strategy against integration challenges including memory leaks and high CPU overhead
  • Evaluate stability & integrity
    Investigate and provide adequate solutions to system errors and possible threats
  • Maintenance and update
    Provide regular suggestions and news on performance, storage trend, and version releases

Gluesys Open-Source Consulting is something special.

Active open-source contributor
Gluesys has expertise in developing open-source-based products and has been participating as a contributor in several open-source projects, including GlusterFS. We maintain flexibility and stability via regular updates and feedbacks from open-source communities.
Maximize cost-effectiveness
Gluesys provides a dedicated consulting service consists of highly skilled storage experts on system improvements and advisory alerts. We help organizations to minimize the inefficiency and suggest practical methods for cost-effective open-source administration.

Areas of Expertise

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